Creath Brazos Baptist Association
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Policies & Procedures for Direct Missions Designated Fund
Creath-Brazos Baptist Association Missions / Ministry Team
October 19, 2004   (Revised January 17, 2008)
The Designated Account will be titled:
Acts 1:8 Fund
Fund Balance [Initial]: $50,000
The purpose of the Acts 1:8 Fund is to assist cooperating CBBA churches in spreading the gospel
through local, regional, national, and international mission partnerships. The funds are to be used
to facilitate direct mission projects originated by and carried out through local CBBA churches.
A CBBA cooperating church may request funds for a mission project.  
A church will be limited to one (1) request in a calendar year. 
The CBBA Missions/Ministry Team will evaluate and approve or disapprove each funding request. 
Types of projects for which funds may be used include: Mission trips to assist in evangelistic
and witnessing campaigns, scripture distribution, Vacation Bible Schools, repair or
construction of mission church facilities and disaster/hunger relief ministry.
Requests involving partnerships with non-Southern Baptist entities or parachurch
organizations will not be funded. 
At least two (2) or more volunteers from the sponsoring church should participate in the mission project. 
Requested funds should not be used exclusively to pay travel expenses of participants. 
Funds may also be used to purchase literature, supplies, and construction materials.
Requests for funds should be made in writing to the CBBA Mission/Ministry Team and mailed to the
Creath-Brazos Association office at least forty-five (45) days prior to the beginning of the mission project.
The Missions/Ministry Team will require a brief written report from the
sponsoring church at the conclusion of the project. 
To DOWNLOAD an ACTS 1:8  Request Form, CLICK HERE!!