Our History

The Creath-Brazos Baptist association came into existence on November 1st, 1927 when the executive boards of the Brazos County Association and the Creath Baptist Association voted to merge to two associations. Both associations had a deep and rich history dating back to the 1800’s. The very first annual meeting of the newly formed association was held at First Baptist Church Bryan in October of 1928.

What does "Creath" mean?


J.W.D. Creath was one of the great preachers of the pioneer days in Texas. He was born in Virginia in 1809, and came from a family of preachers.  In June of 1846, Creath offered himself as a missionary to Texas in open session of the Southern Baptist Convention held at the Second Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia. He came to Texas under appointment of the Domestic (now North American) Mission Board of the SBC.

Creath served in many capacities as a pioneer preacher and missionary. It is said that he raised more money for Baylor University in its beginning days than any other man. He organized many churches and remained as their pastor only until someone else could be found to serve. He was active in organizing the first Baptist Convention in Texas at Anderson in 1848.

In his older days, this pioneer preacher turned his missionary activities toward the Western portion of Texas. Creath is credited with establishing churches in San Antonio, El Paso, and Abilene, as well as in many other areas of West Texas.