We help churches be healthy by providing...

  • Church health assessment and revitalization

  • Conflict mediation and resolution

  • Guidance during pastoral transition

  • Training for the pastor search process

  • Assistance with transitional/interim pastor search and pulpit supply

  • Assistance to new churches

  • Website & Social Media assistance

We help churches be on mission by providing...

  • Training opportunities

  • Pastoral leadership development

  • Financial support and guidance for church planters and re-planters

  • Financial and physical assistance to Baptist Student Ministries at Texas A&M

  • Opportunities for community engagement

  • Demographic help

  • Connections with other churches and missions organizations

We help churches connect together by providing…

  • Pastor fellowships and gatherings

  • Other peer group and ministry leader connections

  • Opportunities for joint local and global missions efforts

  • Opportunities for churches to pray together and for one another

  • Avenues of communication and collaboration

  • Access to denominational resources and programs

  • Pairing churches for church-revitalization