Kristin Hatteberg | Ministry Assistant

A little bit about Kristin: She is married to David Hatteberg, the Development and Faith Relations Manager at BCS Habitat for Humanity. They met as they were both pursuing post-grad vocational ministry at the same place and time. During their internship with the Fellows Program at Grace Bible Church they led together, dated, and were married in March of 2018. Now as a family, they commit to each other and God through cooking with friends, pursuing seminary, and deepening relationships in the community.

In 2016, Kristin completed her Bachelor's Degree at Texas A&M in International Studies. During her post-grad Fellowship at Grace, she focused on local community development through partnering with non-profits, coordinating service events, and co-leading an outreach Bible study. Some of her passions include writing, traveling, the outdoors, baking, and the Enneagram. Now, Kristin spends her days assisting with the ministry here at the CBBA and pursuing her Masters in Biblical Counseling with Dallas Theological Seminary.